Monday, 28 September 2015

Hikmah Disebalik Payah

Mencuci pinggan mangkuk bukannya suatu kerja yang digemari.
Namun apabila melakukannya di tempat selain daripada rumah,
terasa syukur kerana dilatih ibu sejak kecil.
Bukannya kerja perempuan,
tapi Sunnah Rasulullah juga,
dalam membantu kerja rumah sedemikian!
Apa yang rasa payah dibuat,
anda akan hargainya apabila anda bersendirian.
Sekalipun bergaduh dengan rakanmu,
kelak akan dirinduimu apabila kehilangannya.
Gugurlah Sakura atas tangan,
yang tinggal hanyalah kenangan.
~ 29:04:2015_10:12pm

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Reflections Upon Road

Tidak ku sangka
Terperangkap dalam kesesakan jalan
memberiku peluang
untuk menghayati permandangan
mencorakkan renunganku
yang selama ini
penuh persoalanan
di sanubariku

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Tak tahu apa itu seterika, tak apa.
Carilah orang untuk ajarmu gunakan,
walaupun risiko kejahilanmu,
mengakibatkan nikah terbatal;
Kerana yang lebih penting,
adalah membina dirimu
menjadi hamba Allah berguna;
berhijrah demi cintaNya.
# inspirasi doa Umm Salamah r.a. #

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Reflection From Vegetarian

Alhamduliah, had a meaningful conversation with a Buddhist sister who shared her journey towards becoming a vegetarian. 

After becoming involved in a Buddhist charity organization for some time, she became convinced about becoming a vegetarian in order to cultivate compassion. Hence, she made a vow to be fully vegetarian in two years time. 

However, she was also aware that her family could not accept such choice of dietary as they perceived it as lacking proper nutrition. This made her feel afraid to share her decision to them, especially her mother.

Yet, the choice she made, inspired me greatly. She explained that the problem is not about lacking of certain ingredients in dietary, but the way we manage the ingredients in our meals. In other words, "eat the right way".

As a result, her parents who initially could not accept her avowed decision, finally blessed her choice when they noticed the positive changes in her, and there was no sign in her that showed malnutrition either. As she recalled her experience, I noticed her air of confidence and enthusiasm there.

Along the way when I listened attentively to her sharing, Subhanallah, I was reminded of the journey taken by our reverted Muslim brothers and sisters who struggle to abstain from non-halal food especially pork. In most cases, they had to eat outside home. Sadly, many halal food outside are not always healthy. I myself survived the first two years oftentimes with nasi lemak breakfasts & mamak dishes. China Muslim restaurants were not popular back then.

In my humble opinion, it would be ideal to learn to prepare home-cooked meals ourselves, so that we can regulate what our food is made of.

The confidence executed and healthy output InshaAllah do work wonders in Dakwah to our family. Sometimes you don't even need to rehearse the reasons from Qur'an, but instead shine out your reason with smart meal management. That's proof that Islam is a natural faith. And Allah knows best


Each & everyone is motivated by different things in doing their tasks. 
Do not ask them for motivation.
Ask the One who knows profoundly what you're going through. 
And let Him guide you to the right things that shall motivate you.

Monday, 15 June 2015

To Carry Everything

Never carry too many things at one time. Otherwise you are bound to left behind important part.
Do not leave them altogether. Workout each of them in steps.
Self reminder

Benefits in Volunteering

Through volunteering, we learn to selflessly treat others with compassion, trying our best to imitate the godly qualities of Ar Rahman -the Boundless Mercy of Allah Over All Creations That's Happening Right Now.
Through this action, we connect communities, narrow down negativity and spread positive impacts.
Self reminder.