Monday, 28 September 2015

Hikmah Disebalik Payah

Mencuci pinggan mangkuk bukannya suatu kerja yang digemari.
Namun apabila melakukannya di tempat selain daripada rumah,
terasa syukur kerana dilatih ibu sejak kecil.
Bukannya kerja perempuan,
tapi Sunnah Rasulullah juga,
dalam membantu kerja rumah sedemikian!
Apa yang rasa payah dibuat,
anda akan hargainya apabila anda bersendirian.
Sekalipun bergaduh dengan rakanmu,
kelak akan dirinduimu apabila kehilangannya.
Gugurlah Sakura atas tangan,
yang tinggal hanyalah kenangan.
~ 29:04:2015_10:12pm

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Reflections Upon Road

Tidak ku sangka
Terperangkap dalam kesesakan jalan
memberiku peluang
untuk menghayati permandangan
mencorakkan renunganku
yang selama ini
penuh persoalanan
di sanubariku

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Tak tahu apa itu seterika, tak apa.
Carilah orang untuk ajarmu gunakan,
walaupun risiko kejahilanmu,
mengakibatkan nikah terbatal;
Kerana yang lebih penting,
adalah membina dirimu
menjadi hamba Allah berguna;
berhijrah demi cintaNya.
# inspirasi doa Umm Salamah r.a. #

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Reflection From Vegetarian

Alhamduliah, had a meaningful conversation with a Buddhist sister who shared her journey towards becoming a vegetarian. 

After becoming involved in a Buddhist charity organization for some time, she became convinced about becoming a vegetarian in order to cultivate compassion. Hence, she made a vow to be fully vegetarian in two years time. 

However, she was also aware that her family could not accept such choice of dietary as they perceived it as lacking proper nutrition. This made her feel afraid to share her decision to them, especially her mother.

Yet, the choice she made, inspired me greatly. She explained that the problem is not about lacking of certain ingredients in dietary, but the way we manage the ingredients in our meals. In other words, "eat the right way".

As a result, her parents who initially could not accept her avowed decision, finally blessed her choice when they noticed the positive changes in her, and there was no sign in her that showed malnutrition either. As she recalled her experience, I noticed her air of confidence and enthusiasm there.

Along the way when I listened attentively to her sharing, Subhanallah, I was reminded of the journey taken by our reverted Muslim brothers and sisters who struggle to abstain from non-halal food especially pork. In most cases, they had to eat outside home. Sadly, many halal food outside are not always healthy. I myself survived the first two years oftentimes with nasi lemak breakfasts & mamak dishes. China Muslim restaurants were not popular back then.

In my humble opinion, it would be ideal to learn to prepare home-cooked meals ourselves, so that we can regulate what our food is made of.

The confidence executed and healthy output InshaAllah do work wonders in Dakwah to our family. Sometimes you don't even need to rehearse the reasons from Qur'an, but instead shine out your reason with smart meal management. That's proof that Islam is a natural faith. And Allah knows best


Each & everyone is motivated by different things in doing their tasks. 
Do not ask them for motivation.
Ask the One who knows profoundly what you're going through. 
And let Him guide you to the right things that shall motivate you.

Monday, 15 June 2015

To Carry Everything

Never carry too many things at one time. Otherwise you are bound to left behind important part.
Do not leave them altogether. Workout each of them in steps.
Self reminder

Benefits in Volunteering

Through volunteering, we learn to selflessly treat others with compassion, trying our best to imitate the godly qualities of Ar Rahman -the Boundless Mercy of Allah Over All Creations That's Happening Right Now.
Through this action, we connect communities, narrow down negativity and spread positive impacts.
Self reminder.

Wisdom in Challenges

To be able to ensure a tidy room despite facing a busy work, is wisdom.
To be able to smile despite facing hardship, is wisdom.
May Allah bestows guidance and strength onto this poor ignorant soul who is struggling to improve. Ameen.

The Beauty in Reverts' Parents

There is never a reason for us children to stop being filial to parents, even after we reverted to Islam.
Parents sacrifice their time and energy just to raise us up from womb to adulthood. Their beauty is doubled up by their efforts in taking extra miles to prepare halal meals, or choose to eat in halal restaurant with us. This is indeed another great reason for us as Muslim children to be extremely grateful of.
All praise to Allah, the Turner of all hearts. May Allah guide them into Jannah with Hidayah key.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Tiny Things Worth Larger Than Life

Perhaps you may have try before washing the muddy soil with a pan and jump in excitement to find tiny bits of precious minerals amongst the dirt.
Let's ponder about these tiny golden sand amongst the dark soil. See how it shines.
As I imagine this, I'm relating it to some happenings that came into my life lately.
Sometimes I feel nothing spiritually uplifting when being around certain friends I often hang out with. Work can be stressful. It's almost the same situation at home as well.
That made me set off to a journey of searching for a sanctuary, where I can rejuvenate and refresh my thoughts clouded by high pressurized environment. I patronized bookshops, cafes, and even slow down my car just to admire the vast mountains.
Is it true that I need to find a place that will fulfill this need? Yes, you may. There's nothing wrong in that.
Well, let's pause for a few minutes of reflection.
In your highly stressful working place, recall the few minutes or even seconds where someone said something positive to you, or just a pat on your back. Recall the few minutes or even seconds where you managed to accomplish something good, or able to help someone.
Feel it. Did these made you smile, or even tears of joy?
Realize that, even as the leaf falls off from tree with Allah's permission, Allah had also given you that opportunity to experience these positive things into your life.
Nobody is perfect, but by the moment they did something positive towards you, know that it's a priceless blessing bestowed by Allah Most Wise.
That's your sanctuary.
Use these blessings to strengthen your heart and radiate that with your smile. For our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) informed you & me, that a smile is a charity. Let your smile enriches everyone around you who are in dire need of compassion, InshaAllah.
"And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor];"
~Qur'an 14:7
And Allah knows best smile emoticon
Sepi terasing seorang murtad Cina;
Hanya kerana colok yang menyala,
dia dilayan seperti anak derhaka.
Bagaikan dirinya sudah tiada,
yang tinggal hanya jasad bernyawa.
Apakah kerana ditinggalkan upacara,
maka hilanglah kemurnian anak keluarga?

Sepi sungguh ibu dan anak,
Jauh perjalanan hati kedua pihak,
Mencari persamaan nilai kebaktian,
Melihat jauh penyatuan kekeluargaan.

~ Kirişci Çelebi

Friday, 5 June 2015

Kasih Dalam Kerjasama

Demi memudahkan kerjasama saling bantu-membantu,
hendaklah dipupuk kasih Rahmat sesama kita dahulu.
Agar misi Dakwah di luar dan juga dalam
sentiasa diberkati Tuhan Sekalian Alam.
~ Çelebi Kirişci

Monday, 11 May 2015

Droplet of Hope, Diamonds of Mercy

The lake was about to freeze,
when a flower petal dropped
creating ripples on its surface
as wide as lake itself.

A heart humbled by what he lacks,
suddenly humbled by His abundance.

A heart shattered into pieces;
into pieces each becomes diamonds.

Let your heart be heard by Lord,
Lord of All Hearts.


Monday, 4 May 2015

Precious Words After Gone

Every single words and actions of your loved ones suddenly becomes precious when they passed away.
Isn't every words and actions of our Messenger Muhammad precious to us too?
1400 years plus ago...
When was the last time I shed tears upon recalling what he taught? :'( 
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

A Higher Aim

It's not because of roses

that I learn to ride horses;

But to carry the Religion,

riding across any region.


Friday, 24 April 2015


A dynamo does not have electricity.
Instead, it generates electricity.
You don't have happiness.
Instead, you generate happiness, inshaAllah.

When your handphone runs out of power,
you plug it to be recharged.
What are you waiting for,
when you feel very down?

~ inspired & adapted from Brendon Buchard's motivation talk

Karena Cinta PadaMu

Kerana cinta kepada Allah,
hamba rela keluar
daripada bertanding
cinta tiga segi ini.

Tidak akan ku biarkan,
hati yang dibentuk Pencipta
mensia-siakan masa,
mengejar yang satu.

Karena hanya yang Satu,
Maha Mengetahui
siapakah yang terbaik
bersama sebagai pasangan.

Karena jalan di Dunia ini,
penuh duri tajam.
Siapakah yang mampu
teguh bersama
bergading hati
ke Jannah?


~ nukilan diilhamkan daripada rakan seperjuangan.
21.4.2015 6:48pm

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lead Them, Or Be Led Away

Initially I was hesitant to talk about my thoughts about grandma's funeral to elderly friends, because I feel it might be something uncomfortable for them.

However, when I was strolling around the graveyard, I notice some deceased are as old as my parents. Seeing these sent shivers down my heart.

It was at this point that I came to realize the fact that, alhamduliah my parents are still well and alive, despite disagreements between me and them.

Life indeed is not only short. It's unpredictable too. We might have lots of disagreements with parents, but never let that overwhelmed the need to spend time with them.

Strive to hold their hands even though they might walk away from you, because we won't know when they will be led away by angel of death...

- 12 April 2015, 15:10PM

The Test in Love

I remember usthada Yasmin Mogahed said in her book Reclaim Your Heart, something like this line:
"The person whom you love most,
eventually become your biggest test."
With my dear grandma passed away yesterday, the whole funeral is shrouded with countless rituals.
Eventually I have to keep distancing myself from the funeral parlour each time a particular ritual begins, which is also to prevent discomfort among relatives from my refusal to participate.

Sitting at the backlane corner of the building, I can only flip through the photos of grandma in my handphone, while the rest of family gathers near her coffin.

- 11 April 2015, 21:21PM

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Stucked Speech & Awakening Awareness

Having gone through a depression-kind of setback, I discovered how greatly it has impacted on my speech.
Going through the gloomy moments made me think a lot of things in mind. Then, there's being disappointed by friends whom I expected to be offered a listening ear and good advises.

In the end, all these had driven me into silence. I thought keeping my mouth shut would be better in enduring the pain patiently, waiting for the heavy rain to stop soon.
However when the sun is rising, I found myself struggling to open up. This is made obvious when I attended an interview. I notice I had a hard time expressing my thoughts. Furthermore, having recently come out from the cocoon, I was still in a daze with no clear plans on how I would like to drive my future. I was terribly stuck at that point.
Nevertheless, I'm thankful that Allah has pointed out the shortcomings that I need to improve.
Whether I will be accepted or not is one thing, but whatever the outcome, I pray that Allah strengthen my heart with Sakinah & to be more concerned in pleasing Him than anyone else.
Alhamduliah, unexpectedly yesterday I had a meaningful discussion with my friend on Tawakkul. Here, I still had difficulty expressing my points in thoughts, but the fruits produced in this 'usrah' style discussion had greatly encouraged me to keep pushing forward and break the barrier wall in my mind.
Alhamduliah the discussion proved to have open the next road to me in getting closer to Allah, especially the conviction to complaint to Him when falling into setback, because previously as someone from freethinker background I always feel like talking to the wall whenever I try to cry to Allah. Jazakumullah khairan Ali Muhammad Sabri & Ng Kuan Beng for your time and sharing

Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Cold House

I do not need anyone to come and assist.
I just need words of encouragement,
in order to keep marching forward,
during the hardest decision moment.

I know I'm not strong enough yet.
But I don't care how painful this world is,
so long as I know there's someone
who will always support my decision,
even if the whole world is against me.

I know Allah is enough for us,
but please show me how.
why then He cares to sent Prophet?

Prophet faced the hardest trial in life,
yet he never failed to comfort believers'
wounded hearts.
No matter how small it is.

What wrong have I done?
Please let me know.

In the tears brimming
at the edge of my eyes,
I wonder why the motivation comfort
comes from someone outside,
instead of someone who invited me to his house.

How then will his house be my spiritual sanctuary too,
if the owner himself is cold?


Monday, 16 March 2015

Precious or Priceless

You may have lost something precious,
but you will gain something priceless.

What a great blessing it is!
To have his long struggle be eased by Him.

What more can he ask for,
even if it's his most desired hope?

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

14 : 6

Expect yourself to be deeply disappointed,
when you're overwhelmed with love
over another worldly being.

Recall the blessings of Allah upon you,
everytime you're overwhelmed with love
over another worldly being.

Then you're set to live the stronger life
in this temporary world.

Remember how Allah care for you
with His personal touch,
that leaves you in tears.

Let yourself be overflowed with tears
because of His attention upon you,
than to be overflowed with tears,
because someone disappoints you.

Thursday, 5 March 2015


It was really tough to say something that is full of emotions. No words can be used to describe it in any simple manner. People may misunderstand it.

To say out one of the reason, may be misunderstand as bias.
To say out everything, is just an awful lot for such small conversation space.

Silence may be the only answer. Bersangka baik is the conclusion cap.

But to Allah, He knows already from A to Z of your heart.
None but You knows best what I am going through.
Let not my heart be panic,
Let not my heart be panic.
Nothing happens except by You will, isn't?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The End is not an End

The end is not an end of something,
It's just a beginning of something.
The end of the world,
is just an end of this world,
and a beginning for Hereafter.
There is death,
and there is birth.
Where there is snow fall,
There would be spring bloom.
Nothing here is permanent.
The best has yet to be locked,
until you're in Hereafter.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Flashbacks & Forgiveness

Shared from Wives Of Jannah Facebook page :

My husband and I were having a conversation the other night about a subject which had caused some tension between both of us.

Seeking to find harmony again, we talked, and dug, and talked, and dug some more. The meanings, metaphors, and beliefs being explored in this conversation kept taking us deeper and deeper into ourselves.
We learned a lot about ourselves and each other in that moment. It was Fearless Vulnerability (which I talk about in all of my training programs) at it's best.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to remember that no human being is simple, especially in matters of love, areas of conflict, and places where there is hurt. We are all these intricate beings, built with thousands of memories, meanings, and moments that we carry with us, all into a single moment.

While talking, I even had a flashback to an event in high school! Something that was not related at all, a memory that took me back to band practice out on the football field. It was crazy, but despite the irrational connection, there was an emotional one.

When there is tension, slow down. Understand that the tension is beyond this moment, and yet at the same time, all about this moment. Stop looking at your husband (or wife for the men who follow this page) as a person out to hurt you, out to get you, and in your life just to be an unchanging, complicated and stubborn person.

In the flash of emotion, it can be hard to remember all of this. So take two steps:

1) Say 'authu billahi min ash-shaitanir rajeem
2) Ask yourself "How can I show Fearless Vulnerability right now?"

Both of those will transform any conversation, and allow you to focus on yourself and what you can offer in the moment.

Never losing the hope…

" No assessment of life will be balanced unless it is considered in connection with the Hereafter – with the fact that our ultimate return is to our Lord."

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bantal Busuk

Bantal busuk,
suatu keperluan Dunia,
untuk jiwa
dibuai mimpi menusuk.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Be Kind On Them

Somehow, mercy can be found in mistakes.
Therefore try not to be hard on somebody.
We might not know if it's from kindness that they see light.
Be hard on ourselves,
but soft on others.

I'm talking about individuals around us.
Let's not think too far.
For the progress of society,
begins from our hearts.
Reminder to myself
before anyone else.

Mistakenly Humbling

You will be humbled by your own mistake
Only if you are sincerely ashamed by it
Self reminder

Alone Going Home

The feeling when you're going back home alone after a happy gathering.
Such feeling like, you are returning to Allah alone.

Still, I try to smile.
Even if nobody's looking.

Because Allah is all that matters,
to pass through next life,

and hearts reunited.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


A soul was born
on the same day
another younger blood
proposes to sweetheart.


Friday, 9 January 2015

Rushing Prayer

The rush
to complete our prayers
slows down gradually
when we recall
our helplessness.

Nothing is more urgent
than to have dearer relationship
with the One
One who creates
the disease & cure,
the problem & solution.

Hasten to come and pray,
but not pray in hasten.