Monday, 15 June 2015

To Carry Everything

Never carry too many things at one time. Otherwise you are bound to left behind important part.
Do not leave them altogether. Workout each of them in steps.
Self reminder

Benefits in Volunteering

Through volunteering, we learn to selflessly treat others with compassion, trying our best to imitate the godly qualities of Ar Rahman -the Boundless Mercy of Allah Over All Creations That's Happening Right Now.
Through this action, we connect communities, narrow down negativity and spread positive impacts.
Self reminder.

Wisdom in Challenges

To be able to ensure a tidy room despite facing a busy work, is wisdom.
To be able to smile despite facing hardship, is wisdom.
May Allah bestows guidance and strength onto this poor ignorant soul who is struggling to improve. Ameen.

The Beauty in Reverts' Parents

There is never a reason for us children to stop being filial to parents, even after we reverted to Islam.
Parents sacrifice their time and energy just to raise us up from womb to adulthood. Their beauty is doubled up by their efforts in taking extra miles to prepare halal meals, or choose to eat in halal restaurant with us. This is indeed another great reason for us as Muslim children to be extremely grateful of.
All praise to Allah, the Turner of all hearts. May Allah guide them into Jannah with Hidayah key.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Tiny Things Worth Larger Than Life

Perhaps you may have try before washing the muddy soil with a pan and jump in excitement to find tiny bits of precious minerals amongst the dirt.
Let's ponder about these tiny golden sand amongst the dark soil. See how it shines.
As I imagine this, I'm relating it to some happenings that came into my life lately.
Sometimes I feel nothing spiritually uplifting when being around certain friends I often hang out with. Work can be stressful. It's almost the same situation at home as well.
That made me set off to a journey of searching for a sanctuary, where I can rejuvenate and refresh my thoughts clouded by high pressurized environment. I patronized bookshops, cafes, and even slow down my car just to admire the vast mountains.
Is it true that I need to find a place that will fulfill this need? Yes, you may. There's nothing wrong in that.
Well, let's pause for a few minutes of reflection.
In your highly stressful working place, recall the few minutes or even seconds where someone said something positive to you, or just a pat on your back. Recall the few minutes or even seconds where you managed to accomplish something good, or able to help someone.
Feel it. Did these made you smile, or even tears of joy?
Realize that, even as the leaf falls off from tree with Allah's permission, Allah had also given you that opportunity to experience these positive things into your life.
Nobody is perfect, but by the moment they did something positive towards you, know that it's a priceless blessing bestowed by Allah Most Wise.
That's your sanctuary.
Use these blessings to strengthen your heart and radiate that with your smile. For our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) informed you & me, that a smile is a charity. Let your smile enriches everyone around you who are in dire need of compassion, InshaAllah.
"And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor];"
~Qur'an 14:7
And Allah knows best smile emoticon
Sepi terasing seorang murtad Cina;
Hanya kerana colok yang menyala,
dia dilayan seperti anak derhaka.
Bagaikan dirinya sudah tiada,
yang tinggal hanya jasad bernyawa.
Apakah kerana ditinggalkan upacara,
maka hilanglah kemurnian anak keluarga?

Sepi sungguh ibu dan anak,
Jauh perjalanan hati kedua pihak,
Mencari persamaan nilai kebaktian,
Melihat jauh penyatuan kekeluargaan.

~ Kirişci Çelebi

Friday, 5 June 2015

Kasih Dalam Kerjasama

Demi memudahkan kerjasama saling bantu-membantu,
hendaklah dipupuk kasih Rahmat sesama kita dahulu.
Agar misi Dakwah di luar dan juga dalam
sentiasa diberkati Tuhan Sekalian Alam.
~ Çelebi Kirişci