Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sweet & Sour Choco Chop

So....they have found pork substance in the chocolate.

In the midst of anger, confusion, panic, chaos, over such controversy, actually there is positive impact. Let's put aside the over-reacting people like separating aside the sand from the diamond stones.

Long before this controversy, not many Muslims know that:
1) There is no need to cleanse their mouth with prescribed purification methods
2) There is no need to go for blood cleansing transfusion.

After this incident, plus some loud remarks from ignorant Muslims, Alhamduliah (all praises to Allah), more and more Muslim teachers (ustaz) are voicing out the two above-mentioned statements. InshaAllah, I believe their statements could reach out to enlighten more Muslims throughout Malaysia. This in turn, can help all our Muslim brothers & sisters to improve and progress further as enlightened & compassionate Muslims

Again, let's remind each other: Islam is easy to be practiced. It is a beautiful religion bestowed by the Creator who created you & me. Thus, of course He knows well what suit us best.
Deal with Hikmah / wisdom, not just with emotions.

Pork & Sin

My beloved mother reacted angrily at me after I decline her pork cooking on one fine dinner: "You have already eaten pork for 20 years plus, so what's wrong with you now?!"

Yes, no doubt that very meat has been swallowed, digested, and already part of my flesh, my skin, my blood, my body for the past 25 years. By today's standard in this society, I am darkened by sin, too sinful to recite my first Shahadah and be a Muslim.

But how many of us know that, with our first Shahadah declaration, all our previous sins are thus forgiven?
How many of us know that Allah will not punish us for things we didn't realize in the first place?

To put the facts straightforward, it is no big deal if you have already eaten chocolates that may contain Haram substance, because you didn't eat it with the awareness of the pork inside. There is no need to be so dead-shocked as if you have committed Syirik (worshiping other gods besides One God). Just repent, and stay away from that. Full stop.

Alerting others about other food that contain hidden Haram ingredients is a good act. However, please, please, please. Don't write it as something alarming as if you have just found a devil in the bottle. Do not even go too far as to think that these companies may have "agenda jahat". You are not God who knows what is in their hearts.

You should not be dead-shocked by the pork found in the tasty chocolate. But you should have been looonnggg dead-shocked by the smoking habits of our Muslim brothers and sisters since ages ago. Smoking is Haram, ok?

But if you found a pearl inside oyster sauce, Keep Calm & Keep It :)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Missing My Beloved

What would you do, if your loved one is taken away to a far, far worldly place.....and you receive no news from him/her?

A stream of thoughts gushed forward fiercely. Your mind is full of memories about your loved one from the time you could meet each other.

And now, as you walk forward, you encounter some of the most beautiful things ever created by Allah. Yet your loved one is not beside you to admire them as much as you do.

You do not know whether this separation means breaking up or still united in heart.

Forgeting about your loved one seems to be the only way to calm your heart. Yet at the same time it seems cruel to your loved one.

You might think,
I prefer to feel the pain of yearning my loved one, because he/she's missing, while Allah is still around.
But shouldn't Allah deserved more, because without Him, you and your loved one are nothing?

Such melancholic mind...
whereby answers are not found yet.
I may seem quiet,
but inside,
stream of tears are endlessly flowing.

Here I am,
Admiring the wonders of His landscape creations,
while waiting for your return,
to join me, in praising Him.

O Allah!
To You I return,
Please transform this pain,
into purification,
and unite us,
into Jannah together.

27/05/2014, 10.40pm

Friday, 16 May 2014

Happy Teachers' Day 2014

After home, school is our second most important institution in cultivating our mind to lead the world, regardless be it kindergarten, primary/secondary school, college, university, and even as simple as study group.

I personally believe the best gift to our teachers are not colourfully-wrapped presents, but to be able to succeed through lessons taught by them. Walking into the school and seeing the little students in uniforms certainly evoked much memories and reminders that how fast time has passed and how far our journeys have gone through.

This is where it all began. Life lessons, manners-cultivation, friendships, laughters, tears & cheers. Without teacher, there is no school. It is because of these, that I would like to wish all my teachers in Tadika Polka Dot, SKP2, SKPJP, SMKBL, Limkokwing, 北京师范大学 who are now part of my life journey.....A Happy Teachers' Day 2014. ^__^

Terima Kasih, Thank you, 感谢, நன்றி, 감사합니다, ありがとう ~