Monday, 14 April 2014

The Path of Qur'an 3:64

When it comes to traveling, each of us have different preference in where to go.

When it comes to relaxing places and meeting nice people, my father will be the top in this list. On the other hand, my mother especially love traveling to places where seasonal flowers bloom across the ocean of fields. Meanwhile, my siblings tend to love traveling to exotic places, regardless where it would be.

When it comes to traveling, as a Muslim, I fall in love with places of unique landscapes and meeting brothers & sisters of Islam there. It is akin to visiting distant or long lost family members. Not to forget, it also pleases Allah Almighty when happiness and warmth unity is forged.

Surely, each of us have our own taste. This is what we call as 'differences'. Sometimes, 'differences' leads to disapproval to someone else's choice. However, instead of looking at the differences, why not we find the common things inside these 'differences'? With that, we would be able to continue our journey of life with smiles together, because we are all walking the same way together back to where we once were.