Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Why So High?

Mind if someone can enlighten me please?

Blasting high fireworks
in the name of New Year celebration,
Why blasts so high?
For whom to see?

Your pair of eyes,
your pair of ears,
and your one & only heart,
isn't far from your soul.

So why blasts so high?
Mind if someone can enlighten me please?

On a nation where many are mourning.
Tears flow along gushing flood.
Flowing over airplane debris.
These fireworks no longer cheer hearts.

Instead of counting how many colourful blasts up the sky,
Count our blessings from Allah Most High that colour our world.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Musibah Utara & Kita

Allah tak lantik kita jadi jurucakap rasmiNya,
jadi, usahlah hanya kata Allah murka dengan kita.
Kita bukan Allah Maha Hakim pun,
maka, usahlah kita mengkritik pasal orang yang tak bertanggungjawab.

Karena mengeluh tak akan ubah apa-apa.
Itu buatlah masa PRU nanti.
Biarlah bertempat, kan?

Kita hanya berpangkat hamba Allah saja.
Marilah kita bergading bahu,
buat apa yang perlu.

Sama-samalah kita berdoa,
memohon keredhaanNya.
Sama-samalah kita bergabung tenaga,
menyokong para sukarelawan.

Kerana kejayaan rakyat,
bermula daripada perpaduan sejagat.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Silent Journey

One's journey is a journey towards seeking peace.
Therefore speak nothing except with compassion, or else be silent.
Coz' nobody will fully understand what hardship one is going through.
Coz' one's absence does not mean he wish to be absent.
I need love, I need mercy, I need hope.
Who can provide me with all these?
I am tired of explaining about my disappearance.
Only solitude with my Creator,
I shall be able to rise back.
I'm only sorry for my hiatus,
but I'm not sorry for what I've gone to.
Bitter it may be to meet them back,
It's okay my dear.
As long as You are not displeased with me,
I'm willing to endure all these.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Grandma's Advice

Discovered my old Facebook post dating from 27th August 2011:

"I am touched by my grandma's words. When we had a good chat yesterday, she was in fact, open-minded towards children who wish to convert to other religions, as what she's touched the most is kindness towards her. Perhaps, through Allah, she said to me "You must be firm in anything you decide in your life and not simply swayed; otherwise you cannot make proper decisions in life". The word she used to describe this is "忠主""

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Slave of Allah

Slave of Allah, huh?

When you've realize that you're nothing but just a slave to Allah, you won't be surprise anymore when other people said something hurtful and insulting to you.

Because you're just a slave. Slaves are not always treated kindly. People can walk all over you by thrashing you with degrading words and actions.

But since you're a slave to Allah, know that you've the best Master whom you can rely on. He is Al Wadud (Most Loving), Al Hakim (Most Wise), and Al Wakil (The Dependable) too, just to mention a few.

By knowing this, what worthy can you get if you're a slave to sex, money, fame, drugs, etc?

Therefore as a slave to Allah, you just bring your grief to your Master. You just have to answer to Him, not the human oppressors. Know that He is listening closely no matter what.

You're nothing in the sight of Allah. You're just like a tiny speck of dust compared to countless other creations in the whole universe. Yet, Allah is so merciful that He cares to answer to your calling. After all, his other name is Ar-Rahman (Most Merciful) too.

That's also why it is never insulting to call yourself a slave to Allah. The Arabic word for that is Abdullah. There's no better title than Abdullah, not even President, His Imperial Majesty, Sir, Tun, Datuk Seri, etc...

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Allah Miss You

You miss your darling

despite being away for only a day.

How much then does Allah miss you,

every single moment,

awaiting your prayer to Him

despite Himself free from all needs?

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Rain is
among the auspicious moment
to pray for Allah's help.

Isn't this rainy season
a mercy for us
to seek His guidance?

Let not the last droplet
touch down the earth
without your heart
aiming up to Him.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Renaming Paths

You don't rename your own children nor you rename your forefathers' tombstones.
You give new names to your new babies.

The Maid's Window

Little do I realize
that this maid's bedroom,
has a window
with a view
of His bounties. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Red Sea & Courage

If you want courage, stop focusing on the barrier and the challenge. You will gain hope and courage when you stop looking at the Red Sea, and look instead at the One who can split it in half!

~ Yasmin Mogahed

#‎JOURNEY520‬ - 19.11.2014

“To You my Lord I confess my weakness, my lack of resources and my lowliness before men. Dear Merciful Lord, you are Master of the weak and Master of those who depend upon me. How much longer shall they revile me? How much longer shall my enemies hold sway over me? As long as You are not angry with me then nothing else matters. Your might is greatest before me and so I seek refuge in the Light of Your Countenance, in the Light that drives away all darkness and in which all things of this world and the next find meaning. Whether You visit upon me Your Wrath or relieve me of my burden, such is Your Right until You are pleased. Truly there is no power nor glory but in You.”

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)'s prayer to Allah after his return from Taif, anguished and heartbroken when the people of Taif not only refuse to listen to his Message of One God, but also throw stones at him till his head was bleeding profusely. This account is narrated by Ibn Hisham in the book As-Seera an-Nabawiyyah.

In this prayer too, we can see the mercy of Prophet (pbuh) himself towards even the people who were hostile to him. He never bear any hatred towards them. He knew this is part of the test of faith from Allah.
Even during the most anguish moments, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s main concern is still about Allah's pleasure instead of revenge. Notice his words "As long as You are not angry with me then nothing else matters". The patience and stoicism Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) displayed during this phase has been a source of strength to many a Muslim who has found himself beleaguered by apparently hopeless circumstances.


In the perfection Allah
we place our love, faith, & hope.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Morning Kickstart

Morning is also known as the kickstart moment. To kickstart your day, definitely you would want it to happen and end in good ways.

Thus, read the Positive stuffs. It can be Qur'an, Bible, Torah, Buddhist scriptures, Hindu scriptures, or even self-enrichment/motivation books.

Newspapers nowadays can be the worst thing to start with. The first few pages are filled with depressing and bias news, really, unless its headlines scream "Malaysia Won Thomas Cup". Seriously, I won't want to enjoy my teh tarik and nasi lemak while reading a news about murder, rape, robbery, arson, bully...the list goes on and on. Maybe I would read them in the afternoon, but not before sleep, lol.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cinta Saf

Wahai saudara saudari seIslamku,
marilah renungi bersama-sama
Alkisahnya suatu cerita cinta,
semasa solat berjemaah:
Apabila rakan sebelahmu,
merapatkan bahu

dan kaki tumitnya
dekat kepada anda punya,
usahlah takut ya.
Bukannya dia ingin
hidup bernikah denganmu.
Kiranya anda bertuah,
Karena dia kasih kepadamu,
ingin bertemu denganmu lagi
di Jannah.

Dari sahabat ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar -radhiallahu Ta’ala ‘anhuma- beliau berkata: Rasulullah -Shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam- bersabda:

أَقِيْمُوُا صُفُوْفَكُمْ فَإِنَّمَا تَصُفُّوْنَ بِصُفُوْفِ الْمَلاَئِكَةِ, وَحَاذُوْا بَيْنَ الْمَنَاكِبِ وَسَدُّوْا الْخَلَلَ وَلِيْنُوْا بِأَيْدِيْ إِخْوَانِكُمْ وَلاَ تَذَرُوْا فُرُجَاتٍ لِلشَّيْطَانِ. وَمَنْ وَصَلَ صَفًّا وَصَلَهُ اللهُ وَمَنْ قَطَعَ صَفًّا قَطَعَهُ اللهُ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ

“Luruskan shaf-shaf kalian karena sesungguhnya kalian itu bershaf seperti shafnya para malaikat. Luruskan di antara bahu-bahu kalian, isi (shaf-shaf) yang kosong, lemah lembutlah terhadap tangan-tangan (lengan) saudara kalian dan janganlah kalian menyisakan celah-celah bagi setan. Barangsiapa yang menyambung shaf, niscaya Allah akan menyambungnya  (dengan rahmat-Nya) dan barangsiapa yang memutuskannya, maka Allah akan memutuskannya (dari rahmat-Nya)”(Sahih, HR. Abu Dawud no. 666)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

#JOURNEY520 - 05/11/2014

In the moment of hardship and you feel there is no light yet at the end of tunnel, fill every step of your journey with good deeds.

It does not have to be just activities that are generally done by Muslims. Even giving a helping hand to someone who's not-yet-Muslim is beneficial already, so long as it is something we know that pleases Allah.


In the perfection of Allah,
we place our love, faith, & hope.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

March of The Motivation

Strange as it may be, but it is only later that I discover my subconscious reason.

Recently I like to listen to national anthems of some countries. Not just one, but many anthems. Before anyone wish to criticize me for being 'unpatriotic', please allow me to give a word or two first.

National anthems are often composed in a tune that can not only instill patriotism, but also to motivate hearts and fire up passions. While some anthems' lyrics are highly nationalistic in nature, most contain words of common hope, love, and pride. Many anthems were composed during hardship times before they reached independence.

And it is because of this reason that they become my favourite songs when I feel down and worst, hopeless. These are the songs that remind me of their hardship before victory comes to them.

Nevertheless, as I continue my steps in journey towards Allah, I hope my heart falls for recitations from words of Allah, the Creator who opens unexpected hopes whenever we feel the impossibles.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Saw a little hummingbird perching on a flower plant outside my bedroom, while chirping voices can be heard out around. Indeed, the cooling air after a rain last night could have draw them out.

Oh, may Allah preserve this natural environment outside our doorstep!
O Allah! Please accept our worship & repentance like how You accept their chirping remembrance~

Give thanks to Allah and appreciate their presence and voices, before they're gone.

Likewise, appreciate your beloved ones before it's all too late.
Sometimes the things that we might feel irritated of, would be something we'll miss after that.

Jumuah Mubarak

Monday, 13 October 2014

Let’s be frank but fair

Let’s be frank but fair.

The actual name for Chinese race is Han. And most Chinese who settled in Malaysia are Han. Their major beliefs are Buddhism & Taoism, besides the small but growing number of Christians & Muslims among them.
Contrary to popular conception, the famous admiral Cheng Ho is actually Hui by ethnicity. Just as Baba Nyonya is born out of Chinese-Malay mixed marriage, Hui people are from Arab/Persian-Han intermarriage. Nevertheless, Cheng Ho is, and still is, a pride not only to the Han Chinese people (the majority race in China) but also to the Muslim world, as he’s also a Muslim.

When this part is understood, you’ll know what I mean by next part.

During our trip to central China, whereby the majority Hui populations live alongside Han people, I often encountered a self-contradicting statement.
Here’s an example that happened during Ramadan this year:

Situation 1 : My delegation consisted of me and my Malay brothers & sisters. As our Hui friend casually asked my Malay friends’ ethnicity, he was happy to know the diversity of Muslims as he asked them. When it comes to me, I replied I am Han Muslim. Immediately, he said “No matter what race, we are all Muslims”. I was astonished. Just now, you were happy to know the diversity of Muslims’ race, and now you were awkward at my race?

Situation 2 : A Hui sister briefly expressed her grouse about China government’s unfair policy towards Muslims by using the term ‘Han country’ (汉族国家) when referring to China. However, during the get-to-know-you session with me together with my Malay friends, she referred me as ‘Hua ren/华人’ (another general name for Chinese race).

You may wonder, why do I care so much about these terms Han, Hua, Hui, whatever? Well, the following situation which had happened recently will illustrate the importance of not overlooking this matter:

In one of the Maghrib sermons delivered by a respected ustadh few days ago, he repeatedly cursed the Jews of the Prophet pbuh’s time as he elaborated the meanings of the verses in Surah Baqarah (whereupon Jews were causing trouble to the Ummah). He even used the word Laknatullah (meaning, may Allah’s curse be upon them) and even further strengthened his statement by mentioning that the it was a Jewish, - again Jews- who poisoned the Prophet pbuh during his final moments. All these statements were as if, Jews are a cursed race and Muslims need to beware of them.

My heart felt like a stab of parang knife when he said like this, despite having great respect for his knowledge in Islamic matters.

Think about it, if it’s so true that Jews are a bunch of cursed race till the End of the world, why would Allah care to give Hidayah to some Jews who are sincere to Islam even until now? What about the Jewish lady Tsafiya bat Chai (Safiyya bint Huyayy) who became one of the respected Mother of Believers as one of Prophet’s wife? Not to forget, there is Muhammad Asad who is himself a Jews, and he had even produced a Tafsir of the Qur’an and wrote some books that are still printed until now.

And think again, if all that is in your mind about the Han Chinese is that they are a bunch of oppressors in China and communists gangs in Malaysia, why should you even care to Da’wah to them?

We should be careful when mentioning about other races who are still predominantly non-Muslims. Yes, I know very well how Jews in ancient times had hurt the hearts of many messengers that Allah had sent. But let’s not forget to put extra effort to address to the listeners and readers that these are a particular group of Jews and not in the whole race. And even in today’s context, the one that you should hate with all your heart is the Zionist and not Jews!

If you bear deep hatred towards a particular race, then, as ustadh Nouman Ali Khan mentioned in his Friday khutbah about Surah Hud, “You are not ready for the work of the messengers (peace be upon them)”.

In this Surah, Allah mentions about Prophet Saleh pbuh. The first words that came out of his mouth when he Da’wah was “O my people, worship Allah ; you have no deity other than Him.”. He did not say, “O people of Thalmud” or even “O people”. But he said “o MY people”. Thalmud is also Saleh pbuh’s race, but instead he began with “O my people” because he CARES for them, he is WORRIED of them.

Da’wah is the first and foremost job of all prophets pbut. As Muslims, this is the legacy of Prophet Muhammad pbuh that we must continue, so long as there are still not yet Muslims on the Earth. Even if they do Syirik, it is not our excuse not to have compassion, because it is love that will smoothen the Da’wah, not hatred! Is the proverb “Hate the sin, not the sinner” still in your heart?

I myself am proud to be Han Chinese, no doubt at all. I am very proud of the Chinese's 5000 years of history, and I am more grateful and proud with the legacy of Muhammad pbuh and his Lord. However, this does not mean I am sidelining Islam nor mixing race with religion. Islam has to be above our races and not the other way round.

And think again. If we insist to hate Jews for the rest of our lives, then we are no different from racism towards Chinese and many other races in the world. Guess what's next? This hatred is against Allah's reason in creating multiracial humanity as stated in His Book.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sweet & Sour Dunia

This world
is where we were born, live, and die.
This world,
is where we rejoice,
and feel despair.
Without both opposing elements,
this is not Dunia.

There's a town in Kuala Lumpur,
where tranquility is found,
and conflicts too.
This place,
is where hearts are joined together,
and heartbreaks on the other.
This place,

Whenever you may be,
if you feel despair;
Just remember,
this is Dunia....

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Blessed Brief Reunion

I saw you in a dream.
It was so real,
that I wish this moment
as I'm writing this,
should have been a dream

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wounded Relationships

Your skin got injured, thus it bleeds.
Then it forms into a wound.
While the wound is still there, it is sensitive to pain.
This sensitivity will remain at that wound,
until it heals, by His will.

The same goes to shattered relationships.
When the wound gets pricked again,
it feels painful, for sure;
until the wound is healed, gone.

Self-motivation is not self-deceiving,
but an antibiotic, continuously taken;
until the wound is healed.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bible Said So...So Please Stop It, Israel!

Let the Jewish scriptures speak against Israel's senseless killing!

"Woe to him who builds a city with blood and establishes a city with injustice." (Habakkuk, 2:12) (Chavakuk, 2:12)

‪#‎FreePalestine‬ ‪#‎FreeGaza‬ ‪#‎GazaUnderAttack‬ ‪#‎SupportGaza‬

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tak Ada ker Belum Ada?

Just because I 'tak ada' Arabic or Malay name, it doesn't mean I 'belum ada' Arabic or Malay name.

Please stop suggesting some 'nama Islam' for me.
My non-Muslim parents had already given me a Muslim name when I was born, and that is:

Chong / 张 = (my family's surname)
Kok / 国 = nation
Hoong / 雄 = warrior

This is my official Muslim name. It ain't got any connection with other gods. Ain't kafir, ok? :)

Thursday, 19 June 2014


The crescent moon reminds me of your smile,
but your smile is brighter than the moon.

I'm a sweet talker only to the one I love,
I hate being casanova, because
I prefer lifetime membership, not temporary pleasure.
I want both of us to enter Jannah together.

It won't be easy, but with teamwork,
we can succeed, inshaAllah.
This is why I appreciate your love towards me.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nasi & Bubur Nasi

Nasi telah menjadi bubur? Usahlah duduk menangis saja. Carilah lauk pauk lain yang sesuai untuk makan bersamanya.

Apabila kesilapan telah dilakukan, usahlah duduk lama memikirkannya. Jangan sesekali juga memikirkan "Jikalau saya dari awal buat macam ni..." kerana Rasulullah s.a.w. sendiri melarang kata-kata begitu. Tahu tak, ungkapan "jikalau" adalah tipu daya Syaitan untuk melemahkan lagi seseorang daripada bangkit semula menuju kejayaan? (Rujuk Hadith Sahih Muslim & Hadith ke-100 Riyadhus Salihin)

Di samping itu, bersedialah sepenuhnya untuk memaafkan seseorang yang pernah menyakiti atau enggan mendengar nasihatmu sebelum ini.

Apabila dia telah mengiktiraf dan menganalisa kesilapannya, maka terimalah dia semula dengan tangan terbuka dan bukannya mengungkitkan kembali kesilapannya.

Apabila Allah boleh memaafkan dosa seseorang manusia sekalipun dosanya sebanyak buih-buih lautan dan setinggi gunung, apa yang menghalang kita pula daripada mencurahkan kasih sayang kepada orang yang sudah bertaubat?

Nasi yang telah menjadi bubur di Dunia ini, masih boleh dibubuh dengan kicap & cakoi. Tetapi, nasi yang telah menjadi bubur di Jahannam, hanya boleh dibubuh dengan api Neraka sahaja.

P/S: Nota ini bukan ditulis dengan kebencian, tetapi sebagai peringatan diri. Kepada Penciptaku sahajalah saya merayu kasih sayang...

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sweet & Sour Choco Chop

So....they have found pork substance in the chocolate.

In the midst of anger, confusion, panic, chaos, over such controversy, actually there is positive impact. Let's put aside the over-reacting people like separating aside the sand from the diamond stones.

Long before this controversy, not many Muslims know that:
1) There is no need to cleanse their mouth with prescribed purification methods
2) There is no need to go for blood cleansing transfusion.

After this incident, plus some loud remarks from ignorant Muslims, Alhamduliah (all praises to Allah), more and more Muslim teachers (ustaz) are voicing out the two above-mentioned statements. InshaAllah, I believe their statements could reach out to enlighten more Muslims throughout Malaysia. This in turn, can help all our Muslim brothers & sisters to improve and progress further as enlightened & compassionate Muslims

Again, let's remind each other: Islam is easy to be practiced. It is a beautiful religion bestowed by the Creator who created you & me. Thus, of course He knows well what suit us best.
Deal with Hikmah / wisdom, not just with emotions.

Pork & Sin

My beloved mother reacted angrily at me after I decline her pork cooking on one fine dinner: "You have already eaten pork for 20 years plus, so what's wrong with you now?!"

Yes, no doubt that very meat has been swallowed, digested, and already part of my flesh, my skin, my blood, my body for the past 25 years. By today's standard in this society, I am darkened by sin, too sinful to recite my first Shahadah and be a Muslim.

But how many of us know that, with our first Shahadah declaration, all our previous sins are thus forgiven?
How many of us know that Allah will not punish us for things we didn't realize in the first place?

To put the facts straightforward, it is no big deal if you have already eaten chocolates that may contain Haram substance, because you didn't eat it with the awareness of the pork inside. There is no need to be so dead-shocked as if you have committed Syirik (worshiping other gods besides One God). Just repent, and stay away from that. Full stop.

Alerting others about other food that contain hidden Haram ingredients is a good act. However, please, please, please. Don't write it as something alarming as if you have just found a devil in the bottle. Do not even go too far as to think that these companies may have "agenda jahat". You are not God who knows what is in their hearts.

You should not be dead-shocked by the pork found in the tasty chocolate. But you should have been looonnggg dead-shocked by the smoking habits of our Muslim brothers and sisters since ages ago. Smoking is Haram, ok?

But if you found a pearl inside oyster sauce, Keep Calm & Keep It :)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Missing My Beloved

What would you do, if your loved one is taken away to a far, far worldly place.....and you receive no news from him/her?

A stream of thoughts gushed forward fiercely. Your mind is full of memories about your loved one from the time you could meet each other.

And now, as you walk forward, you encounter some of the most beautiful things ever created by Allah. Yet your loved one is not beside you to admire them as much as you do.

You do not know whether this separation means breaking up or still united in heart.

Forgeting about your loved one seems to be the only way to calm your heart. Yet at the same time it seems cruel to your loved one.

You might think,
I prefer to feel the pain of yearning my loved one, because he/she's missing, while Allah is still around.
But shouldn't Allah deserved more, because without Him, you and your loved one are nothing?

Such melancholic mind...
whereby answers are not found yet.
I may seem quiet,
but inside,
stream of tears are endlessly flowing.

Here I am,
Admiring the wonders of His landscape creations,
while waiting for your return,
to join me, in praising Him.

O Allah!
To You I return,
Please transform this pain,
into purification,
and unite us,
into Jannah together.

27/05/2014, 10.40pm

Friday, 16 May 2014

Happy Teachers' Day 2014

After home, school is our second most important institution in cultivating our mind to lead the world, regardless be it kindergarten, primary/secondary school, college, university, and even as simple as study group.

I personally believe the best gift to our teachers are not colourfully-wrapped presents, but to be able to succeed through lessons taught by them. Walking into the school and seeing the little students in uniforms certainly evoked much memories and reminders that how fast time has passed and how far our journeys have gone through.

This is where it all began. Life lessons, manners-cultivation, friendships, laughters, tears & cheers. Without teacher, there is no school. It is because of these, that I would like to wish all my teachers in Tadika Polka Dot, SKP2, SKPJP, SMKBL, Limkokwing, 北京师范大学 who are now part of my life journey.....A Happy Teachers' Day 2014. ^__^

Terima Kasih, Thank you, 感谢, நன்றி, 감사합니다, ありがとう ~

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Path of Qur'an 3:64

When it comes to traveling, each of us have different preference in where to go.

When it comes to relaxing places and meeting nice people, my father will be the top in this list. On the other hand, my mother especially love traveling to places where seasonal flowers bloom across the ocean of fields. Meanwhile, my siblings tend to love traveling to exotic places, regardless where it would be.

When it comes to traveling, as a Muslim, I fall in love with places of unique landscapes and meeting brothers & sisters of Islam there. It is akin to visiting distant or long lost family members. Not to forget, it also pleases Allah Almighty when happiness and warmth unity is forged.

Surely, each of us have our own taste. This is what we call as 'differences'. Sometimes, 'differences' leads to disapproval to someone else's choice. However, instead of looking at the differences, why not we find the common things inside these 'differences'? With that, we would be able to continue our journey of life with smiles together, because we are all walking the same way together back to where we once were. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Bila Nak Kahwin?

"Do not ask me when I'll get married.
Just pray that I'll be able to marry"

Meaning, we may plan when to marry, but we need to remember that only Allah is in charge of the conclusion of the day.
If He put our marriage on hold, do you think it still make sense to ask such question?

Self reminder

Wednesday, 26 March 2014



[ Zi You (seorang pengikut Konfucius) bertanya mengenai maskud bakti. Konfucius berkata, “Pada masa kini, bakti bermaksud mampu memberi makan kepada ibu bapamu. Namun begitu, kuda dan anjing juga dapat berbuat demikian. Tanpa hormat, apa bezanya (dengan haiwan)” ]

Petikan di atas dipetik daripada salah satu kitab Konfusianisme, iaitu Analek (论语), buku ke-2 ayat ke-7. 

Jikalau anda mampu memberi nafkah kepada ibu bapa, Alhamduliah. Semoga Allah melimpahkan rezeki berterusan kepada anda. Namun begitu, tiang bakti yang paling diperlukan sebenarnya adalah perbuatan hormat. Mengapa ya? 

Dewasa ini, sesiapa saja juga dapat memberi nafkah atau makan kepada kedua orang tua, namun pada masa yang sama, bersikap biadap terhadap mereka.
Difahami juga kadang kala apabila kedua ibu bapa kita mulai uzur, mereka juga ada kerenah tersendiri yang kadang kala membingungkan kita. Tetapi, itu bukan alasan bagi kita bertindak kasar ataupun mengasingkan diri daripada mereka.

Sebagai seorang revert yang kembali kepada Islam, hamba Allah ini juga perlu memastikan peringatan ini sentiasa dalam sanubari minda setiap masa. Ini adalah Jihad al-Nafs dalam memastikan akal sentiasa di sof hadapan apabila berhadapan dengan situasi bertentangan kehendak. Apabila ibu bapa membantah, memarahi, atau mempersoalkan Ibadahku, perkara pertama yang harus diingati adalah tidak meninggikan suara. 

Memang adalah naluri biasa untuk mempertahankan agama pilihanku, namun harus juga diingat, dengan izin Allah s.w.t, ibu bapa yang sama jugalah yang telah banyak bersabar menghadapi kerenah kita semasa kecil. Layakkah kita meninggikan suara kita jika dibandingkan dengan kesabaran bertahun-tahun mereka terhadap kita?

Hal ini juga ditekankan dengan mendalam dalam Islam dengan jelas, di mana Allah s.w.t. telah berfirman:

yang bermaksud:

Dan Tuhanmu telah perintahkan, supaya engkau tidak menyembah melainkan kepadaNya semata-mata, dan hendaklah engkau berbuat baik kepada ibu bapa. Jika salah seorang dari keduanya, atau kedua-duanya sekali, sampai kepada umur tua dalam jagaan dan peliharaanmu, maka janganlah engkau berkata kepada mereka (sebarang perkataan kasar) sekalipun perkataan "Ha", dan janganlah engkau menengking menyergah mereka, tetapi katakanlah kepada mereka perkataan yang mulia (yang bersopan santun).

 –Qur’an 17:23

( Terjemahan maksud dalam Bahasa Cina:


~ 兰经17:23

Bayangkanlah, sekalipun ungkapan sependek “ha” pun dilarang oleh Allah s.w.t….