Sunday, 7 April 2013

Recollections of Previous Poems

Indahnya laungan Azan
yang memecahkan kesunyian malam,
yang memecahkan kesunyian hati,
Memberi harapan kepada yang memerlukan.
Ayuh, mulakan hari kita
dengan memuji Allah S.W.T,
yang mencipta kita sekalian.

Jom solat Subuh!


At a mosque's class,
I glance at my left,
and saw a smile.

The smile of
the unforgetable
Brilliant Hall.


In the husband's sight,
his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world.
No doubt.
Because, there's more blessings in gazing at her,
and more sins in gazing at other women.
The choice is clear-cut. :)

When the soul is left alone...
...without any further desire for worldly things
...that's where he finds comfort in Qur'an recitations matter how pleasant worldly songs can be
...the soul by nature is only pleased with Allah's words

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