Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Give Up Not

我啥也不怕, 只怕我们放弃
"I am not afraid of anything (that will harm us). I'm only afraid we would give up."

In any teamwork we do, be it love relationship, work, sports, or even defense war, we must continue to strive till the last energy, last breath, last drop of blood. 

This is because, no matter how heavy the trial is, even if there seem to be 'no light at the end of the tunnel', we have not been defeated actually. 

The ones that doesn't kill you, would only make you stronger. 

The real defeat is when we give up. 
And that is more heartbreaking than being defeated. 

As long as we keep our trust in Allah, He shall never abandon us in this mission. 

"Enough is Allah as our helper"
"There's no strength other than from Allah".

(originally posted in Facebook)

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