Monday, 26 May 2014

Missing My Beloved

What would you do, if your loved one is taken away to a far, far worldly place.....and you receive no news from him/her?

A stream of thoughts gushed forward fiercely. Your mind is full of memories about your loved one from the time you could meet each other.

And now, as you walk forward, you encounter some of the most beautiful things ever created by Allah. Yet your loved one is not beside you to admire them as much as you do.

You do not know whether this separation means breaking up or still united in heart.

Forgeting about your loved one seems to be the only way to calm your heart. Yet at the same time it seems cruel to your loved one.

You might think,
I prefer to feel the pain of yearning my loved one, because he/she's missing, while Allah is still around.
But shouldn't Allah deserved more, because without Him, you and your loved one are nothing?

Such melancholic mind...
whereby answers are not found yet.
I may seem quiet,
but inside,
stream of tears are endlessly flowing.

Here I am,
Admiring the wonders of His landscape creations,
while waiting for your return,
to join me, in praising Him.

O Allah!
To You I return,
Please transform this pain,
into purification,
and unite us,
into Jannah together.

27/05/2014, 10.40pm

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