Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sweet & Sour Choco Chop

So....they have found pork substance in the chocolate.

In the midst of anger, confusion, panic, chaos, over such controversy, actually there is positive impact. Let's put aside the over-reacting people like separating aside the sand from the diamond stones.

Long before this controversy, not many Muslims know that:
1) There is no need to cleanse their mouth with prescribed purification methods
2) There is no need to go for blood cleansing transfusion.

After this incident, plus some loud remarks from ignorant Muslims, Alhamduliah (all praises to Allah), more and more Muslim teachers (ustaz) are voicing out the two above-mentioned statements. InshaAllah, I believe their statements could reach out to enlighten more Muslims throughout Malaysia. This in turn, can help all our Muslim brothers & sisters to improve and progress further as enlightened & compassionate Muslims

Again, let's remind each other: Islam is easy to be practiced. It is a beautiful religion bestowed by the Creator who created you & me. Thus, of course He knows well what suit us best.
Deal with Hikmah / wisdom, not just with emotions.

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