Saturday, 1 November 2014

March of The Motivation

Strange as it may be, but it is only later that I discover my subconscious reason.

Recently I like to listen to national anthems of some countries. Not just one, but many anthems. Before anyone wish to criticize me for being 'unpatriotic', please allow me to give a word or two first.

National anthems are often composed in a tune that can not only instill patriotism, but also to motivate hearts and fire up passions. While some anthems' lyrics are highly nationalistic in nature, most contain words of common hope, love, and pride. Many anthems were composed during hardship times before they reached independence.

And it is because of this reason that they become my favourite songs when I feel down and worst, hopeless. These are the songs that remind me of their hardship before victory comes to them.

Nevertheless, as I continue my steps in journey towards Allah, I hope my heart falls for recitations from words of Allah, the Creator who opens unexpected hopes whenever we feel the impossibles.

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