Sunday, 7 December 2014

Slave of Allah

Slave of Allah, huh?

When you've realize that you're nothing but just a slave to Allah, you won't be surprise anymore when other people said something hurtful and insulting to you.

Because you're just a slave. Slaves are not always treated kindly. People can walk all over you by thrashing you with degrading words and actions.

But since you're a slave to Allah, know that you've the best Master whom you can rely on. He is Al Wadud (Most Loving), Al Hakim (Most Wise), and Al Wakil (The Dependable) too, just to mention a few.

By knowing this, what worthy can you get if you're a slave to sex, money, fame, drugs, etc?

Therefore as a slave to Allah, you just bring your grief to your Master. You just have to answer to Him, not the human oppressors. Know that He is listening closely no matter what.

You're nothing in the sight of Allah. You're just like a tiny speck of dust compared to countless other creations in the whole universe. Yet, Allah is so merciful that He cares to answer to your calling. After all, his other name is Ar-Rahman (Most Merciful) too.

That's also why it is never insulting to call yourself a slave to Allah. The Arabic word for that is Abdullah. There's no better title than Abdullah, not even President, His Imperial Majesty, Sir, Tun, Datuk Seri, etc...

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