Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Cold House

I do not need anyone to come and assist.
I just need words of encouragement,
in order to keep marching forward,
during the hardest decision moment.

I know I'm not strong enough yet.
But I don't care how painful this world is,
so long as I know there's someone
who will always support my decision,
even if the whole world is against me.

I know Allah is enough for us,
but please show me how.
why then He cares to sent Prophet?

Prophet faced the hardest trial in life,
yet he never failed to comfort believers'
wounded hearts.
No matter how small it is.

What wrong have I done?
Please let me know.

In the tears brimming
at the edge of my eyes,
I wonder why the motivation comfort
comes from someone outside,
instead of someone who invited me to his house.

How then will his house be my spiritual sanctuary too,
if the owner himself is cold?


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