Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Stucked Speech & Awakening Awareness

Having gone through a depression-kind of setback, I discovered how greatly it has impacted on my speech.
Going through the gloomy moments made me think a lot of things in mind. Then, there's being disappointed by friends whom I expected to be offered a listening ear and good advises.

In the end, all these had driven me into silence. I thought keeping my mouth shut would be better in enduring the pain patiently, waiting for the heavy rain to stop soon.
However when the sun is rising, I found myself struggling to open up. This is made obvious when I attended an interview. I notice I had a hard time expressing my thoughts. Furthermore, having recently come out from the cocoon, I was still in a daze with no clear plans on how I would like to drive my future. I was terribly stuck at that point.
Nevertheless, I'm thankful that Allah has pointed out the shortcomings that I need to improve.
Whether I will be accepted or not is one thing, but whatever the outcome, I pray that Allah strengthen my heart with Sakinah & to be more concerned in pleasing Him than anyone else.
Alhamduliah, unexpectedly yesterday I had a meaningful discussion with my friend on Tawakkul. Here, I still had difficulty expressing my points in thoughts, but the fruits produced in this 'usrah' style discussion had greatly encouraged me to keep pushing forward and break the barrier wall in my mind.
Alhamduliah the discussion proved to have open the next road to me in getting closer to Allah, especially the conviction to complaint to Him when falling into setback, because previously as someone from freethinker background I always feel like talking to the wall whenever I try to cry to Allah. Jazakumullah khairan Ali Muhammad Sabri & Ng Kuan Beng for your time and sharing

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